Prepare yourself for the world’s first “x-rated,” spiritual self-help book!

Finding her way through pain and struggles, Devina Kaur shows us how she defeated manic depression and came into the light.

Julie, Washington, DC.
Marian, Colorado
Miguel, Texas

A shocking, tantalising, no filter, book  that really digs deep into the concept of Radical Self Acceptance.  This book is honest, courageous and totally non condemning.  I have no doubt that anyone with the courage to get honest with themselves will appreciate what the author is doing with this book. 

 Suzanne Charlebois,

Author of Seducing the Senses

Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious has been an insightful journey to self-acceptance and self-knowledge. The book offers an intense, open and honest perspective into Devina Kaur's biography and acts as the first x-rated self-help book. My favourite excerpt from TFTLTA is about marrying yourself and making a commitment to loving yourself and taking care of yourself for the rest of your life.


South Africa

I love it! The honesty is like talking to your best girlfriend. All the juicy details with no secrets because there is nothing to be ashamed about. Just straight talk and laughter!


Colleen Smith ( 47 years old)

Quebec, Canada


The unlikely journey of an empowered woman who dropped a high-powered career to walk dogs.

In the first book in the

SEXY BRILLIANT series entitled Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious, Indo-Canadian author Kaur explores her title topics, her business, her romantic and academic failures and successes, and more as she shares her journey of self-discovery. From her childhood in rural India, a successful career in the financial industry to quitting all of it to be a full-time dog walker, to Hollywood Reality TV, to completely re-inventing herself and finding her life purpose in SEXY BRILLIANT, Kaur tackles soul-searching questions in a loving way, so that you may learn how to do the same for yourself. She gives us intimate details about her life that led her to the K-A-U-R process, which she now shares with you to help you become a sexier version of yourself.

Expected release date: early 2020.


Living life to its fullest, Devina the Sexy Goddess is out to share her relentless optimism with the world and empower herself and others in loving themselves.


Devina Kaur is a fun-loving, flamboyant, straight-talking author, entrepreneur, filmmaker and inspirational speaker. Born and raised in rural India, she fought to reconcile her traditional upbringing with her ambitions. After a lifetime of being told she was too fat, too loud and too ambitious, her world fell apart in her 30s when her arranged marriage ended. Thirty years of desperately trying to be the person everyone else wanted had resulted in loneliness, depression and confusion. While looking for purpose and meaning, Devina embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to start the Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution.