The SEXY BRILLIANT GLOBAL REVOLUTION is an incredible movement for people from all walks of life and all genders who are coming together in the spirit of living our best lives through radical self acceptance. We have learned that in order to live our best lives, we must accept all parts of ourselves, including anything negative, in order to love ourselves back to our fullest potential.


Being Sexy Brilliant means we move forward to be our most intelligent, informed, and therefore, sexiest selves. We support each other in our efforts to improve upon and build our dream life through identifying our life’s purpose. We are so glad you have joined us! Sign up for one of our Sexy Brilliant Courses and join the revolution!

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Stephanie Lariviere  ( Oct 30th. 2019  @ 10:36 am  )


Everything I have learned from May until now since I began my journey to my devine authentic self can be summed up in this old post I wrote -  Is like to encourage anyone who is searching for their purpose to check out the courses at the Sexy Brilliant Academy  -  It never too late to be 100% your... i am finally following my dreams and actively pursuing the things in life that reconnect me to myself.  -I am living proof that you can be successful in your career and still make time to do what you truly love.  So dance, write, sing, paint, and above all else DARE TO DREAM! 

This is your chance to ask Devina anything.  Watch her on her YouTube video series `Ask Devina`.  Just be careful, she just might answer you back in typical Devina fashion, with RADICAL AUTHENTIC HONESTY

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